Turning prospects into customers faster

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Sales Enablement Content

No matter what kind of marketing magic you have created in your messaging & execution, B2B fails when sales people aren’t equally prepared. There are many pieces of content that need to go into making sales people successful. In order to create great pieces we take our understanding of the market (UVP & competitors) and pair that with an understanding of the product & research with subject matter experts to build out the following pieces:

  • Pitch Decks

  • Sell Sheets/Solutions Briefs

  • Competitive Battle Cards

  • Product Demos

Sales Process & Training

Pairing all of your new sales content with a well defined process can help insure that your content is being used correctly, but will also highlight any “fat snake” issues that arise in the sales funnel. You will see how sales teams are using the content created and you can see where opportunities are being held up, highlighting any additiona content needs that will help “unstuck” any opportunities. We can help with:

  • Opportunity stage definitions

  • Discovery/Qualification questions

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