Find the right prospects

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Go-to-Market and Product Launch Planning

When launching a new product, new version of your product or a long awaited feature it’s important to get the announcement right. It’s not just about the press release, but it’s always best to start there. When we engage on a GTM or launch project we:

  • Develop the message and UVP of the product

  • Define content & training requirements

  • Project plan the launch including stakeholder buy-in & sign-off

Content Marketing Strategy & Execution

Interacting with your prospects and customers in the channels they’ve become accustom is an important part of any multi-touch marketing strategy. The foundation of all of these touches comes in the form of content. From blog posts to webinars and all the infographics and emails in between, diverse content will improve prospect engagement during the marketing process. But, HOW you use these channels depends on your revenue goals. In these projects we will outline how you can use different content mediums like blogging, webinars email and social marketing to achieve your revenue goals. We can:

  • Map a content strategy that maps to your prospects preferred channels

  • Build drip and nurture email campaigns

  • Develop and execute webinars focused on industry trends or pain solutions

  • Outline a social channel strategy that aligns with revenue goals including organic and paid opportunities

  • Test messages and offers to target audiences that result in a higher conversion rate

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Event Support

When looking at your marketing opportunities, events are often a way to really understand your customers and prospects, in a way that emails and social marketing can’t. There are many kinds of events that can be used to support product launches and augment demand generation plans. We can support:

  • Customer luncheons & councils

  • Industry tradeshows

  • Webinar & Podcast support