My Unique Perspective

When you start your career making cold calls, it changes your perspective on what marketing cando to support sales teams. I started by “dialing for dollars,” and after 3 years of sales turned account management, I decided the best way to impact revenue was to deliver better leads to sales out of the gate. This understanding of what it’s like to be on the phones and close deals is what impacts all of our marketing at Revenue Generation Marketing. I didn’t start with a graphic design background. I started by making the calls, figuring out what message resonated with customers and prospects and turning those conversations and emails into revenue.

I’m lucky because when I made the move from sales to marketing in 2003, we already had the ability to measure email open rates, and click through’s. I could see what kind of deals were closing and was able to easily run close/won reports in Salesforce. I have only ever known how to measure and improve upon marketing effectiveness by testing and constantly improving upon messages, campaigns and processes. I believe that marketing organizations should be given insight into corporate goals, and through a strong partnership with executive teams and customer facing teams marketing can help organizations reach revenue goals, without being a large cost center. Our name is Revenue Generation Marketing because that’s what we do, we generate revenue through our marketing.

Revenue can be generated through marketing via a deep understanding of your target audience and your products ability to solve issues for this target audience. If audience & product fit is clear and the corporate goals are clear, there is no reason marketing budgets should be wasted. That's the best thing about digital marketing- you can easily pick channels, test messages and tweak programs based on goal attainment. But, you have to do the research to know exactly where your personas spend their time, so you too can be where they are. 


  • Clear communicator

  • Analytical

  • Creative

  • Passionate


  • Revenue focused marketing strategy development

  • Market and persona research

  • Content development

  • Project management

  • Online demand generation campaign creation and execution

  • Sales training and enablement

  • Remote team management


Founder, Revenue Generation Marketing
Market & persona research, pricing alignment, campaign execution, content development and sales training for startup and growth stage companies.

VP Marketing for innRoad (property management software for independent hotels)
Responsible for delivering 50% of new revenue via marketing programs. Doubled client base in 18 months.

Director of Demand Generation Intronis (cloud backup software) & (HRM software team)
Executed demand generation campaigns that drove $2.2M in revenue

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Marketing Tool Experience

  • CRM’s: Salesforce, Hubspot

  • Marketing Automation Tools: Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Intercom

  • Email Marketing tools: Mailchimp, Mailjet, Active Campaign, Constant Contact

  • Analytics & Data tools: Google Analytics/Consol, Insight Squared, DemandTools

  • Process Improvement tools: Asana, Typeform, Zapier

  • Customer Success Mgmt: Zendesk, Helpscout, Influitive

  • Webinar platforms: On24, WebEx, Zoom